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At North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI, we provide a wide range of services and treatments to keep your pet happy and healthy. Whether your cat or dog needs a routine exam, vaccinations, or acupuncture, we are happy to help. Before visiting us, learn more about our clinic below:

Our Clinic

We offer quality veterinarian care for animals of all types and sizes. Whether you have an exotic pet or a cat or dog, we offer complete medical services that will improve its health and help it stay active. If you don’t already have a veterinarian that you visit regularly, we will work closely with you to ensure that your pet receives routine services or treatment for illness or injuries. In addition, we also offer surgery to relieve any discomfort your cat or dog may be experiencing and microchipping to quickly return it to you in case it is ever lost.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

You can always expect the highest level of care when you visit our facility. During your first visit, we will perform a complete examination to learn more about your pet’s overall health. If your cat or dog needs any treatments or additional services, we can create a personalized treatment plan or schedule a separate appointment. If you have an exotic pet, the recommended treatment may be slightly different from that of a cat or dog, but we still provide exceptional care that is customized to suit your pet's specific needs.

Contact us for an Appointment Today

Whether you need exotic pet care or services for your cat or dog, our team at North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI, is happy to help. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer at our location, we encourage you to contact us at (920) 739-7816 today. You can give us a call or stop by our clinic to speak to our knowledgeable team. We can answer your questions, provide additional information on our services, and speak with you about the types of payments we accept. Our goal is to help you get the best quality care for your pet all under one roof. When you need a veterinarian near me, we are ready to assist you!

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