Kidney Failure in Dogs

Kidney failure is a serious condition for dogs and other pets too. Unfortunately, dogs seem especially prone to kidney failure and it’s crucial for pet owners to keep an eye out. With the right veterinary pet care, it may be possible to mitigate the risks of kidney failure developing and to help control conditions when they do emerge. If you live in or near Appleton, WI, and want to speak with a veterinarian, contact us at North Heights Veterinary Clinic.

With kidney failure and the conditions/developments that lead to kidney failure in dogs, time is often of the essence. If you believe your canine companion is suffering from kidney failure or may be at increased risk of developing such a condition, timely pet care may prove crucial. Fortunately, a vet on our veterinary team can help. 

Pet kidney failure

What Is the Kidney and What Does it Do for Our Canine Companions?

The kidney plays a crucial role in many biological processes. Strong, healthy kidneys can help bolster health and well-being. Issues with the kidney can cause severe problems even with otherwise healthy dogs (and other pets too).

The kidney removes many toxic substances from the body. Some of these substances may come from external sources, such as food. The body itself can also produce potentially harmful substances. A well-functioning kidney can prove crucial for removing these substances before they cause severe damage.

The kidney also produces urine, with itself is crucial for removing potentially harmful substances from the body.

If a pet is suffering from kidney issues, working with a veterinarian can help. Proper pet care, including a healthy diet and lifestyle, can help mitigate some of the risks of kidney problems in dogs and other pets.

Kidney Failure and Pet Care Explained

With kidney failure, the kidneys often become less efficient, especially when it comes to processing toxins and cleansing the blood. Dogs suffering from kidney failure can often still produce urine.

Once kidney tissue has been damaged and has died, it may be irreplaceable. Fortunately, the body creates excess kidney tissue to reduce risks.

A veterinarian on our team can recommend blood tests and check for symptoms of kidney failure. Unexplainable weight loss, vomiting, difficulties with balance, and various other things may hint at kidney failure. It’s wise to seek pet care and to have your dog regularly checked over by a vet regularly.

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