Preventative Care

When you get a pet, it is important to establish a relationship with a veterinarian as soon as possible. You should not wait until there is a medical issue. Instead, make sure that you are focused on your new friend's preventative care. Preventative care helps doctors spot problems early, as well as provide advice to keep your pet healthy. At North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, we want to help your pet live the best life possible. Let’s look at some aspects of preventative care for you to consider.

Preventative Care

Regular Exams

Your pet should get a physical exam every year. This allows your veterinarian to check his entire body and make sure that everything looks good. Pet wellness exams cover your pet from nose to tail, including pet dental care. During these exams, you can address any concerns you might have regarding your pet’s health. We will also be able to find any problems and treat them before they become worse.

Pet Vaccinations

Your pet needs to get his vaccinations to avoid diseases and stay healthy. Make your pet’s vaccinations a priority. They are generally done during pet wellness exams, making them very convenient if you are already in the office. Skipping these vaccinations or putting them off can result in your pet getting sick unnecessarily.

Helpful Advice

Our veterinary care office is run by experts in pet care. We can provide advice on everything from nutrition to fun games to play with your pet. By staying in contact with your vet’s office, you will have access to expert advice that you know you can trust. If you are unsure about something related to your pet’s health, either contact your vet’s office or bring it up during a pet wellness exam.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering your pet is a major part of preventative care. This is usually done when pets are young and requires a simple surgery. Without it, your pet is likely to have behavioral issues or unexpected pregnancies. If your pet is not spayed or neutered when you get them, you should make an appointment to get it done.

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Preventative care is meant to keep your pet healthy. You should not wait until things go wrong to address your pet’s health. Instead, make pet dental care and overall healthcare part of your furry friend’s regular routine. Our veterinarians at North Heights Veterinary Clinic are here to help! Call our team today at (920) 739-7816 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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