Conditions Treated

North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton can be relied on to provide your pet with quality services. We care for your pets with the same love and attention we provide to our own. Our full range of services offers pet parents a clinic to manage your pet's health maintenance, treatment, and surgery, if necessary.

Pet Medical Conditions

When your pet has an examination and receives a diagnosis of a medical condition, such as dermatological issues, kidney failure, leptospirosis, and diabetes, our hospital is ready to take care of your pet. Other conditions include pet allergies, cancer, and parvo. Pet allergies can be caused by several factors, including food allergies, environmental issues, and fleas. Parvo affects the gastrointestinal tracts of dogs. Cancer in pets is often attributed to ultraviolet radiation from long-term sun exposure, pesticides, herbicides, and second-hand tobacco smoke.


Pets experiencing skin problems can show symptoms from red rashes to skin irritation that causes itching. Dermatological issues can be caused by various factors, from dandruff to fleas.

Kidney Failure

Kidney failure in dogs and cats is a serious condition caused by several factors, such as age, infections, and tumors. When pets are experiencing kidney disease, our veterinarian will discuss the available treatments, medications, lifestyle adjustments, and end-of-life options.


Leptospirosis is a bacteria-based disease found in contaminated food, water, or soil. Pets should also avoid drinking from water sources that aren't clean or standing water. If your pet is allowed outdoors and can come into contact with areas where already infected wildlife may use the bathroom, this can result in your pet getting the disease. If your pet is experiencing loss of appetite, vomiting, or fever, contact our staff immediately.

Pet Diabetes

Pets experiencing diabetes show many symptoms that can alert you to the need to schedule an appointment with our vet. Signs to look for include weight loss, cloudy eyes, skin infections, urinary tract infections, changes in appetite, excessive drinking of water, and frequent urination.

Once diagnosed with diabetes, our vet will recommend a treatment plan, which includes an exercise regimen, a diet with proper nutrition, and insulin shots. Whatever medical condition your pet may be experiencing, our dedicated team will be supportive, providing helpful information and guidance to ensure your pet enjoys the best quality of life.

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