Pet overpopulation is a big problem in the U.S., which results in many pets being put up for adoption or abandoned. You can do your part as a pet owner to help with this problem. Having female dogs and cats spayed helps prevent them from reproducing and can help with behavioral issues. At North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI, we offer safe cat and dog spaying services to ensure your furry friend will not have any unwanted litter.

Spay and Neuter

What Is Spaying?

Spaying refers to a procedure done on female pets that involves the removal of their uterus and ovaries. Removing the uterus and ovaries prevents your pet from reproducing. Spaying also helps with behavioral issues pets commonly have while in heat, such as frequent urination, irritability, aggression, and roaming. Spaying is a standard form of pet surgery that is considered safe. Spaying is also among the most common kinds of procedures done on pets.

When to Have Pets Spayed

You can have your female cat spayed at around five to six months old and your female dog at six to nine months old. Getting your pet spayed early helps prevent unwanted litter when it reaches sexual maturity. You can also have your adult cat or dog spayed with minimal risk if it is in good overall health. You can still get your pet spayed even if it has already had a litter to prevent more.

What to Expect With Pet Spaying

Your veterinarian will give your pet anesthesia before performing the procedure. Anesthesia helps ensure that our veterinarian can perform this procedure properly and safely. Spaying is a same-day surgery that usually will not require your pet to stay overnight. We will provide instructions to help your pet recover when you pick it up after surgery. These instructions include knowing what signs of infection to watch for at the incision site and keeping your pet from licking, chewing, or scratching the incision. Pets generally need a week or two to recover from this procedure.

Benefits of Spaying Dogs and Cats

There are several health and well-being benefits to having your pet spayed. Spaying is a vital part of preventative pet care that helps lower the risk of certain health problems. Having the ovaries and uterus removed reduces the risk of potentially deadly tumors and infections in the reproductive system. Having pets spayed also helps stop behavioral issues, such as escaping from your home to wander while in heat or increased aggression and irritability. Spayed female pets do not experience heat cycles that can result in personality changes or other behavioral problems.

Schedule a Spaying Appointment With Our Appleton, WI, Veterinarian

Spaying is the only way to ensure your pet does not have unwanted litter and can help manage some behavioral issues, so contact North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI, to have your pet spayed today. We offer cat spaying, dog spaying, and preventative pet care services to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (920) 739-7816 if you have been searching for a veterinarian near me.

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