Pet Surgery

If you think your animal companion needs surgery, visit North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI. Our veterinarians provide comprehensive pet care services, including pet surgery, which can help your furry friend live a long and happy life.

Pet Surgery

What is Pet Surgery?

Pet surgery is any type of surgical procedure that is performed on an animal. Just like human surgery, pet surgery can be performed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Spay and Neuter: Spaying and neutering are the most common types of pet surgery. Spaying is the removal of a female animal's ovaries and uterus, and neutering is the removal of a male animal's testicles. These procedures are typically done to prevent pet overpopulation, as well as to reduce aggression and other hormone-related behaviors.
  • Cancer Treatment: Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in pets, just as it is in humans. While there is no cure for cancer, surgery can be used to remove the tumor and extend your pet's life. If your furry friend has been diagnosed with cancer, our veterinarians can discuss your treatment options with you, which may include surgery.
  • Foreign Body Removal: Pets, especially dogs, are known for putting things in their mouths that they shouldn't. If your pet has swallowed a foreign object, surgery may be necessary.

What to Expect Before and During Pet Surgery

If your pet needs surgery, the first thing you can expect is a thorough examination. Our veterinarians will check your pet from nose to tail to make sure they are healthy enough for surgery. We will also take blood tests and x-rays to get a better idea of your pet's health.

Once we have determined that your pet is healthy enough for surgery, we will schedule a time for the procedure. On the day of surgery, we will ask you to drop your pet off at our clinic in the morning. We will then take them to our surgical suite and prepare them for surgery.

Visit North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI

Sometimes, surgery is the best course of treatment for a pet. If you think your furry friend needs surgery, bring them to North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI. Our veterinarians will diagnose your pet and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Call our team today at (920) 739-7816 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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