Pet Eye Infections

Eye infections can cause red eyes, itchy eyes, and affect your pet’s vision. Thankfully, the right type of treatment can help your pet recover. At North Heights Veterinary Clinic, a vet Appleton, WI, can benefit from is here to help your pet get the pet eye infection treatment he needs.

Pet Eye Infection

Why Does My Pet Have an Eye Infection?

Pets can get these infections from many sources, such as having bacteria or fungus in his eye. Other factors can also contribute to eye infections, such as:

•             Allergies

•             Injuries

•             Tear duct blockages

We’ll find out why your pet has an infected eye and recommend treatment to help him get relief.

What Are Signs that My Pet’s Eye Is Infected?

Changes in the appearance of your pet’s eye may indicate an infection. Some symptoms to be aware of include the following:

•             Discharge that might have a foul odor

•             Eye discoloration

•             Frequent rubbing

•             Squinting or blinking a lot

•             Redness

•             Light sensitivity

Bring your pet in for care if he has any eye infection symptoms. Eye infections can be dangerous and getting proper care may be essential to protect your pet’s eyes and vision from long-term damage.

Is an Eye Infection Dangerous for My Pet?

It can be. Severe infections can cause serious discomfort and even lead to vision loss. That’s why it’s important to have this condition treated promptly.

How Do You Treat Pet Eye Infections?

Treatment for eye infections depends on what’s causing it, how severe it is, and other factors. In some cases, an infected eye heals on its own, but it may be a good idea to have a vet on our team check your pet’s eye for proper treatment and healing anyways.

Some treatment options for eye infections include:

•             Eye drops

•             Medication to ease symptoms

Can I Prevent these Infections?

Yes! You may be able to help lower your pet’s risk of having infected eyes in the following ways:

•             Trim long fur around the eyes to prevent irritation

•             Wipe dirt and debris from around your pet's eyes with a clean cloth

•             Keep pets away from bushes and branches that could hit them in the eyes when they’re running around the yard

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