Exotic Animal Services

Since most veterinarian offices treat cats and dogs, it can be difficult to find a veterinarian that will see exotic animals.  These animals, which can include small rodents, birds, or reptiles, often require specialized care.  Below, let's take a look at just some services we offer for exotic animals at North Heights Veterinary Clinic.


Pocket Pet Care

Pocket pets are extremely popular because of their small size and ability to be housed in small habitats.  They often make perfect pets for children or for those living in smaller apartments.  Pocket pets can include hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and guinea pigs.  Rabbits in particular often require special care similar to that of a cat or dog.  To stay healthy, rabbits require regular health checks and can benefit from spay or neuter surgery.  With proper care, rabbits can live as long as a cat or dog, easily surpassing 10 years of age.


Various reptiles, from snakes to turtles, are finding their way into homes across the country.  Reptiles are a desirable pet because they are hypoallergenic and are relatively low maintenance.  Bearded dragons are one of the fastest growing pets in popularity in the United States.  Reptiles require the care of a trained reptile veterinarian.  A veterinarian can help with claw and beak trims, diagnosing and treating various skin conditions, or helping to treat common reptile diseases.  Reptiles should be examined yearly by a veterinarian to monitor any changes in weight or activity.


Whether it is a parakeet or an African Gray Parrot, every bird requires avian care.  There are several diseases that are particular to birds that must be treated by an avian expert.  A veterinarian can help trim beaks and wings, offer treatment for various diseases, and even offer behavior consultations.  Veterinarians can provide assistance with recommending proper dietary supplementation and enrichment.


At North Heights Veterinary Clinic we believe in caring for all animals, no matter how large or small.  Our team is well versed in treating exotic animals including pocket pets, reptiles, and birds.  It can be difficult to find a specialized veterinarian in Appleton, and we are here to help. To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call our office today at (920) 739-7816

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