Flea and Tick Prevention

Just like humans, your pet's skin hygiene is incredibly important to their overall health. Unfortunately, your pets, such as cats and dogs, might come down with a terrible case of flea and tick infestation. When they do, you might notice they're not themselves and are constantly scratching and grumpy. What can you do to help your pet find relief?

Fortunately, there is help available through flea and tick prevention and preventative care with us at North Heights Veterinary Clinic. Our veterinarians in Appleton, WI, and the rest of our staff are here to help your cat or dog feel comfortable and prevent fleas and ticks from invading their skin. If you want to get your pet the best pet care and preventative care, come over for a visit.

Flea and Tick Prevention

What Are Fleas and Ticks?

Fleas and ticks are tiny, almost microscopic insects that are parasites and latch on to the skin of your cat or dog. They feed off your pet's blood supply and can cause a variety of diseases. In addition, they can cause painful symptoms in your pet including:

  • Excessive itching
  • Excessive grooming
  • Bald spots
  • Changes in behavior
  • Dried blood on the fur

If you notice these symptoms or even see fleas and ticks on your pet's fur or in their bedding, it's important to visit a veterinarian from our practice as soon as you can. Fleas and ticks can spread diseases among animals and humans as well. In humans, fleas can cause painful bites, while ticks can cause fatal diseases such as Lyme disease.

How a Veterinarian from Our Clinic Can Help

During your pet's routine physical exam, our veterinarian will provide preventative care in addition to regular pet care such as pet vaccinations. For flea and tick prevention, our veterinarian will administer a topical medication that goes directly onto the skin of your pet.

This veterinary medication is not painful and is placed on the back of the neck, so your pet won't ingest it. This medication is specific to your area, as some fleas and ticks can grow immune to a specific medication.

Because of this, it's important to take your pet in for yearly exams and pet care with a veterinarian from our practice.

If your pet already has fleas and ticks, your vet might schedule a grooming session to remove them, as well as other ointments and medications to kill off these parasites.

Help Your Pet with Quality Pet Care and Pet Vaccinations in Appleton, WI

At North Heights Veterinary Clinic in Appleton, WI, we are here to help your pet find veterinary relief from fleas and ticks. Call us today for pet care at (920) 739-7816.

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